The Automobiles

The picture above was probably taken in 1913 when the Model T was new. That's sure to be Ada in the driver's seat. Ada and Arthur were married February 17, 1914. Arthur had courted Ada for ten years, waiting for her to grow up. (He had met her when she was only ten. He knew then that he wanted to marry her some day, and he said he would wait for her   — and he did.)

February, 1913 diary entries: Working on building garage for Ford he'll be buying soon.

March 31st and early April entries on getting the new Ford, "practicing" on it, and getting sick from the gas fumes. April 3rd: "sick from gas" and "headache at night." (well, I would THINK SO!)

Above: Ada, Arthur, Marjory on running board, Lois in the car.   Oct. 14, 1919.

Below: Lois, Ruby and Marjory.   1926

The small picture just below was probably taken around 1920. The girls would be Lois (born Sept., 1915) and Marjory (born Dec., 1917).

Arthur kept a log book of his car expenses, starting with the Model T in 1913. His expenses for 1913 came out to 1-3/4 cents per mile for the 2,400 miles he put on the car from April to December, 1913.

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