The Bertha Zimmerman home south of Boody, Illinois about 1894
From left: Albert Roll (hired man), Arthur, Bertha, Everett

The images of notebook pages are from Marjory Zimmerman's typed version — typos and all.   (She obviously had a very old manual typewriter!)

Included here also, are images of Arthur Zimmerman's original hand-written pages.
In addition, you will find selected pages from Arthur's diaries. There is a diary for every year from 1907 (he was 22 at the time of the first entry in January, 1907) until 1963, when Arthur died on Christmas night, at the age of 79. His last diary entry is in October of 1963. Arthur and Ada would have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary the following February 17th.

Art was intelligent and inventive, as well as mechanically-minded and meticulous. He would have liked computers and would likely have built his own! He held at least one patent on an invention— he tells about this in his story. His father, David Zimmerman, was also inventive and mechanical; he held several patents on items he invented, though he died young— at the age of 37 (Arthur was 7 years old when his father died).

This website was created in 2007 by D.Rice Logue, Arthur's granddaughter. As I was creating the website I became extremely involved in the project— restoring the photographs, checking dates written on the photographs (mostly written many years after they were taken) against the diaries and the narrative, and 'repairing' the worst of the typos and rather messy corrections on the typed pages. I made no changes at all to the scans of Grandpa's handwritten pages. They are as I found them.

I think you could say it was a labor of love— Grandpa was one of my favorite people. When I visited Grandma and Grandpa, he had usually been working on something interesting— melting metal to cast something, or building something electrical. He had big magnets— big U-shaped magnets with which to pull metal filings around on a sheet of paper, forming patterns. (I'm sure he used them for other things, but filings-on-paper is what I did with them.) He helped us make prints of leaves and other objects using light-sensitive photo paper! Science-stuff! Very cool! Grandma and Grandpa had some ocarinas, they had a hand carved wooden back scratcher, they had wooden puzzles. Grandpa's desk drawer seemed to be full of magical tools and other items of great interest! Grandma always seemed to have some freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies in a tin cookie box.

Grandpa was SMART! and he was FUN! He played games with us, the grandchildren! Oh, I loved the games! Tiddly-winks and Touring. We played Authors and learned of books by famous writers, we played Caroms, we played Mill, also known as Nine Men Morris. I'll never forget Grandpa's "Double-Whooshers!"
—  D.R. Logue

The diaries

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